——Multi IR development history——


The ecosystem sets sail

Connecting the upstream and downstream industrial chain of sensing technology and empowering the development of enterprises in multiple dimensions

Rated as a national key supported specialized, refined, and innovative "little giant" enterprise

Listed in the list of "Future Factory" cultivation enterprises

Received the "2021 Fire Technology Innovation Brand Award"

Won the bid of "2022 Industrial Internet Innovation and Development Project Industrial Internet Multidimensional Sensor Terminal and Intelligent Analysis System Project"




Established subsidiaries in Shenzhen and Beijing successively, undertaking national key research and development plan projects

Establish a Shenzhen subsidiary (Shenzhen Malek Sensing Technology Co., Ltd.)

Establishing a Beijing branch

Leading the National Key R&D Program Project (formerly 863 Project) - Key Technologies and Applications of Wireless Infrared High Temperature Micro Nano Sensors

Awarded Forbes China AIOT Top 100 Enterprises

Won the Gold Award at the 6th China Electronics Products Expo


Break through

Complete the shareholding system transformation and promote the strategic layout of IoT sensing technology

Successfully completed the shareholding reform

Lead the development of industry standard "Infrared Feature Sensitive Filter Elements" (JB/T 12933-2016)

Received the first prize of the Private Science and Technology Development Contribution Award for Science and Technology Innovation Achievements

Received CITE Innovation Gold Award



Relocate as a whole to Hangzhou Qianjiang Innovation and Entrepreneurship Park, complete the layout of the world's five major marketing outlets, and sound the horn of rapid development

Successfully established 5 marketing outlets in Canada, Germany, the United States, Japan, and South Korea, completing the first phase of globalization strategic layout

Becoming the first Chinese member of the German Association for Sensing and Measurement Technology (AMA), a highly influential sensor professional association in the world

Overall relocation to Qianjiang Economic Development Zone Innovation and Entrepreneurship Park, expanding scale to meet development needs

Becoming a national high-tech enterprise

Undertake major projects such as the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology's IoT Development Special Project and the National Torch Plan

Establish a public technology service platform for the infrared sensor industry by the Ministry of Science and Technology”

Establish a Zhejiang High tech Enterprise Research and Development Center, known as the Hangzhou Malike Sensing Technology”



In 2007, Mailek was founded in Hangzhou West Lake Science and Technology Park, opening up the layout of the infrared feature sensitive component industry

Overseas returnees returning to China to create MULTI IR